Friday, November 14, 2014

This House with a Big Grumpy Cat Painting Is Very Real.

I read a Grumpy Cat book once.  It was awful.

Yard signage: you're doing it right.  © Ashley Odell, 2014.

I was driving down a rather busy road in my town on Tuesday and spotted this sign and let out a squeal I didn't know I could produce.  There's a giant Grumpy Cat sign on someone's house!  And she's mad about a thing we all hate, too!  I had to go back this evening and get a photo.

Unexpected Grumpy Cat has been causing me to squeal for quite some time now.  In January, I was in the Toadstool Bookshop of Keene, New Hampshire, where I proceeded to drop $100 but that's beside the point, and noticed the most amazing cardboard Grumpy Cat display and shelf-talker set.  It was all to celebrate the feline author's debut bestseller, Grumpy Cat: A Grumpy Book.  They had multiple glorious Grumps and I shamelessly dropped hints that my large order combined with it being my birthday might maybe entitle me to an extra special celebricat prize.  Alas, the clerk was having none of it.  Drat.

I had, of course, already read A Grumpy Book months earlier.  I had found that in my town's Barnes & Noble while day while just poking around.  You'd think that I would have quickly tired of the joke, but no -- each page brought more and more delight.  The pages depicting Grumpy across the world killed me; I still think of them and smile sometimes.

I didn't get to see Grumpy Cat myself this summer since I had to miss BEA, but I love the idea of her headlining an event with Amy Poehler.  Baller cat.

So now I need to get around to reading The Grumpy Guide to Life: Observations from Grumpy Cat, her follow-up bestseller.  Just think: a cat has more bestsellers than most people in the world have read.  What an honor to be living in this time.

Keep on grumpin', cat.  You're the best.  And those people in town should get a medal for their sign and the merriment it brings.  But I really hope no one tries to sell any Grumpy Cat books at that door above, because it would be awful.

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